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The High-Tech Strategy 2025

With the High-Tech Strategy 2025, we are creating the conditions for research and innovation to develop in an environment characterised by creativity, agility and openness. To this end, we are setting thematic priorities and focusing our efforts on fields that show particular dynamism, have great potential for growth and employment, and exhibit a high need for innovative solutions to pressing issues. At the same time, we are consistently developing all the competencies in technologies, training and further education, and society that are necessary for Germany to be a progressive research and innovation location, thereby strengthening the future viability of our country on a long-term and sustainable basis. We are strengthening knowledge transfer and networking so that all actors involved in innovation in science, business and society can participate in new constellations that overcome ingrained mindsets and disciplinary silos. Particular focus is on new forms of joint ideation and the acquisition and sharing of knowledge, which make it possible to reshape and open up innovation processes. Our research and innovation policy is based on a comprehensive understanding of innovation that encompasses both social and technological innovations.

Image High-Tech Strategy Fields

Forward-looking research and innovation policy: The High-Tech Strategy 2025